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Concussion researchers celebrate new 'transformational' research program

Dr. Zemek is hopeful the research program, which is currently funded for 2.5 years, will help create new guidelines for concussion care and treatment that improve patient outcomes. The hope is the project will eventually be renewed for another 2.5 years.

Ottawa Citizen 

New Ottawa-based program aims to transform concussion care globally

The project, called Transcendent, is a $5.4-million research collaboration between the CHEO Research Institute, 360 Concussion Care and the Ontario Brain Institute.

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All in a Day with Alan Neal

A new research collaboration is putting Ottawa -- and Canada -- on the map, when it comes to concussion research and care.

Cheo Research Institute

New program to make Ottawa a global centre of excellence in concussion research and care across the entire patient spectrum

Funded by OBI, the TRANSCENDENT research program is led by Dr. Roger Zemek, a Pediatric Emergency Physician and Senior Scientist at CHEO, Scientific Director of360 Concussion Care and Professor and Clinical Research Chair in Pediatric Concussion at the University of Ottawa.

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