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Our Work

Our work represents a collaborative effort driven by a passion for advancing concussion research and enhancing the lives of individuals impacted by concussions. On this page, we invite you to explore the websites of some of the programs within our research program.

Living Guidelines for Pediatric Concussion Care


The Living Guideline for Pediatric Concussion Care shares up-to-date, evidence-based clinical recommendations & tools for healthcare professionals diagnosing and managing children and adolescents with concussions. This project includes over 45 volunteer concussion experts from across the US and Canada who work together to review the latest evidence and update the clinical recommendations and tools as the evidence evolves.

Concussion Priority Setting Partnership

The Concussion Priority Setting Partnership was formed to identify key priority research topics in concussion. These priority questions were developed through stakeholder feedback (for example, parents, coaches, and individuals with lived experience) and consultation with experts. These priority questions guided the research questions for the TRANSCENDENT program. 

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Youth Concussion Awareness Network (You-CAN)

The You-CAN program supports youth leaders within Canadian high school and sports communities to design and ​lead a concussion awareness campaign for their school or sport to increase concussion knowledge and awareness. Through You-CAN, we hope to create a safe and supportive environment for youth who have sustained a concussion so they know what to do if they suspect a concussion and how to provide social support when someone is recovering from a concussion. 

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