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Community Outreach & Advisory Committee

Community Advisory Committee

To help guide the TRANSCENDENT Concussion Research Program, we have created a Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is made up of community members who have lived experience with concussions. We will continue to grow our CAC so that it represents individuals from diverse backgrounds and concussion experiences. The goal of the CAC is to get a better understanding of what the community needs both from research and knowledge sharing. Our CAC is in integral part of our team and is helping to inform decisions at all stages of this research program. We are so lucky to work with and learn from our CAC members!

If you want to learn more about the CAC, please fill out the following form: 




Our CAC will contribute to our program in many ways. Below, we have listed some key areas where our CAC members will be involved. This list is not exhaustive and is not presented in any particular order of importance. 


Research Activities

To support the research, the CAC has the opportunity to engage in academic processes (for example, writing and reviewing academic materials). The CAC will also inform research studies, by advising on recruitment strategies and identifying key research priorities. 


Community Outreach

The CAC can support community outreach activities such as community booths and education sessions. The committee will also advise on outreach materials, including our newsletter. The CAC will also foster a sense of community through peer support and building connections. 

CAC members will play an important role in all dissemination activities. For example, CAC members will help identify meaningful ways to share research findings and will review informational resources to ensure that they are relevant for all audiences. 

Past Community Events


Booth at the Brain Health Summit - York University March 2024 

Would you like to stay informed about our upcoming activities and research? Click on the botton below to stay connected through our newsletter. Our Newsletter will include information about the latest project developments, research, and upcoming community outreach events. 

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